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NewVision™Curb Ramp Inventory System:

Preliminary Survey Module

The purpose of the Preliminary Survey Module is to  prepare for the field survey by determining which intersections need to be processed. This module displays a city's street map on the iPad screen with colored dots identifying each intersection in that city. The user can automatically move through an aerial photo of each intersection that has curb ramps and with a simple finger tap on the screen, can locate each ramp, signal or crosswalk. If asset detail is obscured by other objects (trees, roof tops etc.) the user can access a street level image to determine more detail. It takes a few days  to complete the Preliminary Survey depending on the size of the city. Once this survey is completed, you are ready to begin the field survey.

"Compared to a Manual Process, The City of Minneapolis Cut the Field Survey Completion Time By 50% Using NVCRIS!"

Screen Shots from NVCRIS Preliminary Module